Culture Collision 2022 was a huge success!

Culture Collision 2022 was a huge success!

Stand Up Displays had the pleasure of attending the Culture Collision Trade Show in Atlanta this past weekend and boy was it incredible!  There was something for everyone including cards, memorabilia, sneakers, live entertainment, autographs, and even a basketball tournament!  But most of all...good friends, smiles, and memories!

Before the show we had the opportunity to visit the Sports Card Investor office and shoot some footage for some upcoming content with Geoff and Tim from Slab Strong! Give them a follow on Youtube and be on the lookout for our episode!

The highlight for Kahli and I was the eBay booth!  We had the pleasure of supplying eBay with 1,100 stands for use in their booth and as giveaways.  The displays were beautifully lit and had the honor of holding some serious cards and artwork!  MTG cards (including the original artwork that ultimately became the card art!) and sports cards adorned the custom card stands.  Whether they were in PSA, BGS (Beckett), raw, or SGC...our stands did the job!  Breathtaking and instilled us with an immense sense of pride.  

We can't wait to be in the house for Culture Collision 2022!

Stand Up Displays in the house!

So many beautiful cards!

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