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Basic Stands - 20pt Top Loader - CollX- 5 Pack

Basic Stands - 20pt Top Loader - CollX- 5 Pack

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Cleanly display your trading cards with our CollX Top Loader Card Stands!  CollX (pronounced “collects”) is the fastest way to figure out what your cards are worth. Snap photos of them and instantly get the current market price. Add them to your collection and track your overall portfolio value. You can even buy, sell, grade, and trade your cards with other collectors. Get snapping!

Custom designed to fit your Standard (20-35pt) Top Loaders from brands like Ultra Pro®, Vanity Slabs, and Cardboard Gold®! Simply slide your case into the stand and easily display in a case or on a shelf! Made from robust translucent plastic.

All of our stands are made to fit cases for up to standard thickness cards (20-35pt). Cases or slabs for thicker cards (like jersey memorabilia or premium stock cards) have varying dimensions and will not fit in our stands.

Proudly display your Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Pokemon, Magic, and other cards! These stands make the card the star of the display, not the stand!

Cards and cases shown in pictures are for display purposes only and are not included in the sale of the stands. We are not affiliated with Ultra PRO® or Cardboard Gold®, and this is not manufactured by Ultra PRO® or Cardboard Gold®.

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