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The Adjustable VariStand - Red

The Adjustable VariStand - Red

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This is the last stand you need to buy for your social media posts. It's to card collecting what the snap back hat is to size fits all!  PSA, Beckett (BGS), SGC, KSA, MNT, Ultra Pro, BCW, BCCG, Top Loaders, raw cards, doesn't matter because this stand can handle it! The VariStand works in both portrait and landscape orientation!

Our VariStand is infinitely modifiable as long as the flat item that you want to display is 5/8" thick or less!'ll hold it.'ll hold it. Magic The Gathering Alpha Black'll hold it. 1st Edition'll hold it. 1992 Topps Ryne'll hold it! That 360pt, insanely thick jersey patch card you have in that magnetic’ll hold it!

We are custom making these stands to help you promote your items. Whether you sell on eBay, Etsy, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, the VariStand will quickly adjust to display your items.

The VariStand is simple, all you do is loosen the thumb screw on the back support and adjust to your desired setting. Tighten the thumb screw and you're ready to display!

Made from environmentally friendly recyclable and biodegradable plastic here in the United States. Any objects, cards, and cases displayed in our stands are not included in the sale price of the stand, only the custom stands themselves are for sale!


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