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Stand Up Displays

The BANG! Stand - Show off those big hits in style!

The BANG! Stand - Show off those big hits in style!

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The BANG! Stand from Stand Up Displays is the perfect way to give those big pulls the attention they deserve! Whether you're ripping for yourself or your followers, the BANG! Stand is there to celebrate the BANGERS while you keep ripping!

The BANG! Stand will hold cards that are raw, sleeved, top loaded, or magged.  Whether it's a base rookie card or an RPA, prop it up, sound the alarm, and keep ripping!

The BANG! Stand will also hold PSA, Beckett (BGS), SGC, KSA, MNT, HGA, or any other brand of slab for those grade reveals! The BANG! Stand works in both portrait and landscape orientation!

Please be aware that these products are 3D printed and will have a texture on surfaces.  Please reference example pictures to get a better idea of what we mean!  We are also unable to "mix" colors, so please feel free to ask what colors we have available! Any objects, cards, and cases displayed in the pictures are not included in the sale price of the stand, only the custom stands themselves are for sale!

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