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Stand Up Displays

The Custom VariStand Trading Card Display

The Custom VariStand Trading Card Display

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Here's what's great about our Custom VariStand Displays:

  1. Any design can be printed! This includes color gradients, brand color matching, QR codes, faces, and real images! The image is printed directly on the plastic stand in permanent, robust ink that resists fading (it is NOT a sticker and will not peel!).

  2. Our stands are 100% made in the United States, featuring a smooth injection molded body that yields a pro end product!

  3. The stand itself is our tried and true, innovative, patent pending VariStand chassis!  The stand adapts to hold anything from a raw card all the way to the thickest jersey card in your collection and beyond!

The ordering process is simple:

  1. You submit your order with your logo as a high quality .png, .pdf, .ai, .jpg file.

  2. We take that file and turn it into a proof design for you to review. The proof will be emailed to you through Shopify (from and you can approve it simply by clicking a button!

  3. Want the best product? Have your designer create something to fit the entire face of the stand! The face is 975 pixels x 450 pixels.

  4. If you have any questions before you get started, please e-mail us at or DM us on Twitter, FB, or Instagram (@standupdisplays)

  5. Lead Times: Please allow 3 business days for proof creation and 3 days for manufacturing from approval of the proof (orders greater than 100 stands may require additional manufacturing time).

This is the last stand you need to buy for your social media posts! The VariStand is to card collecting what the snap back hat is to size fits all!

PSA, Beckett (BGS), SGC, KSA, MNT, Ultra Pro, BCW, BCCG, Top Loaders, raw cards, doesn't matter because this stand can handle it! The VariStand works in both portrait and landscape orientation!

The VariStand is simple, all you do is loosen the thumb screw on the back support and adjust to your desired setting. Tighten the thumb screw and you're ready to display!



We will not create stands featuring any copyrighted or protected logos or designs that the purchaser does not have the license or authorization to use.  If you do have the authorization, please submit with your order and we will review.

Pre-Production Money Back Guarantee…if we cannot come to an agreement on a proof that satisfies your needs, we will refund you the order price!  No refunds can be provided once the proof is agreed upon and the product is manufactured to the proof specs.

These are not 3D printed and therefore the design is constrained to the 975x450 pixel dimensions.

Any objects, cards, and cases displayed in the pictures are not included in the sale price of the stand, only the custom stands themselves are for sale!

US Patent Number 11,692,666

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