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The Fully Customizable Mega Stand - Put Your Brand on the Big Stand!

The Fully Customizable Mega Stand - Put Your Brand on the Big Stand!

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Add your own logo to our Mega Stand for Comics, Vinyl Records, Books, Magazines, and more! If you're looking to grow your brand, or you're an avid collector that wants to put your mark on your display…this is the custom stand for you!

Cleanly display your oversized collectibles with our Mega Stand! This versatile design can handle the large, flat collectibles that have become so popular...including Comics (Graded and Raw), Vinyl Records, Magazines (Graded and Raw), and more!

Our Mega Stand features a sturdy plastic base with a secure from lip to prevent your collectible from sliding off.  The back supports are made from stiff and durable composite rods that are capped with non-marring vinyl plugs.  These stands are the ideal and sleek way to display your large collectibles for maximum enjoying on Social Media or in your home!

Items shown in pictures are for display purposes only and are not included in the sale of the stands.

The process is simple:

  1. You submit your order with your logo as a .png or .ai (.jpg will result in delays as it requires additional processing on our end)
  2. We take that file and turn it into a proof design for you to review. The proof will be emailed to you through Shopify and you can approve it simply by clicking a button!
  3. Please note the following limitations:
    1. Maximum of 5 total colors (including background).
    2. Fine details may not be doable, such as thin text or small items.
    3. We cannot do color fading or gradients.
    4. Colors will be as close to your logo as possible, we are subject to what color plastic is available in the market. Please message to get pics of the actual colors we have.
    5. The design must reasonably fit on the aspect ratio of the stand face, which is 200mm wide by 40mm tall.
  4. If you have any questions before you get started, please e-mail us at or DM us on Instagram (@standupdisplays)
  5. Lead Times: Please allow for 5-7 days for completion of first proof (less for small tweaks thereafter) and 14-21 days for manufacturing, possibly longer for larger quantities.

This is the last stand you need to buy for your social media posts! The Mega Stand is to collecting what the snap back hat is to size fits all!

CGC, Beckett (BGS), SGC, KSA, MNT, Ultra Pro, BCW, BCCG, Top Loaders, raw cards, doesn't matter because this stand can handle it! The Mega Stand works in both portrait and landscape orientation!

We will not create stands featuring any copyrighted or protected logos or designs that the purchaser does not have the license or authorization to use.  If you do have the authorization, please submit with your order and we will review.

Pre-Production Money Back Guarantee…if we cannot come to an agreement on a proof that satisfies your needs, we will refund you the order price!  No refunds can be provided once the proof is agreed upon and the product is manufactured to the proof specs.

Please be aware that these products are 3D printed and will have a texture on surfaces.  Please reference example pictures to get a better idea of what we mean! Any objects, cards, and cases displayed in the pictures are not included in the sale price of the stand, only the custom stands themselves are for sale!

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